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The main objective of this communication portal is to disclose our company, communicate what we are and do, as well as the values we encourage. You will be able to find here in an agile and direct way, a wide description of our products and processes as well as the diverse philosophies of quality under which we work in the environmental, procedural and social areas.

On this website, you will also be able to interact with us, contact, ask questions and send suggestions and comments related to our products and our company, assuring you to attend and respond timely 


Our products


The Peruvian mango over the years has been generating a strong demand in its consumption, this is because of the high degree of vitamins it contains and its special flavor, which in different forms sweetens the palate of those who consume it. Due to the great demand that has been obtaining both in Peru and internationally, this product has been placed in the fourth place in terms of export  Preview



In Peru, the stud has become the main agricultural product of non-traditional exports, and among the vegetables grown at the global level, the stud holds a preferential level, especially by the variability of its forms of consumption, can be eaten fresh asparagus in white, green or purple, or processing that can serdeshidratado, frozen, packaged in cans or glass jars. Preview



In our country the cultivation of strawberry has been increasing, the Peru occupied the 26th place in the world during the year 2007 (FAO); due to the fact that there are conditions of climate and soil suitable for the establishment of this crop. Preview

produc14pOur Factories

Currently we have samples of plants located in Ica, pisco de castilla and paijan with the necessary infrastructure and quality controls suitable for production and export.